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Are you tired of jumping from publisher to publisher? Or are you searching for the most advantageous platform for publishing your book? Our Amazon Book Publishing Service is the solution to all of your concerns.

You may become the next renowned author by publishing your book on Amazon. Our Amazon experts will ease the Prime Publishing House procedure for your book. Want to find out more?

Self-Book Publishing on Amazon- Faster Recognition, Easier Publishing

Unlock Uncapped Earnings

When a copy of your hard-won published book sells out, Amazon gives you a substantial 70% royalty, so you make a nice profit on each sale.

Price Tags and Edits

Amazon also lets you change the globe with your artwork for your chosen price. In addition, Amazon enables the flexibility to change your book's content from any location and at any time.

Versatile Print Options

Amazon provides both modern soft-copy e-books and conventional paperback books to help you spread your message to a wide variety of people. Prime Publishing House has your back!

Learn How Amazon Sellers Benefited from Our Profitable Insights.

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"Amazon Publication Labs offers aspiring authors cheap publishing chances and a path to fame. It is the world's main frontier for Amazon publishers, who profit from its vast array of book publishing aid, including publicity, free publishing, free e-book, and print publication. Amazon is the largest venue for authors who previously could not advertise themselves due to a lack of sponsorship; APL is the largest aid in this respect."

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You write, we publish - so many ambitious independent authors fail to owe to an inability to make profitable decisions.

Amazon launched its publishing service in 2007 to enable you to make a limitless amount of money through a well-thought-out support strategy, considering the difficulties faced by new authors.

Since the launch of this service, the number of authors has increased, resulting in increased originality and competitiveness. Through its data-driven Amazon SEO services, Prime Publishing House will help your book swiftly reach a worldwide audience. Are you prepared to discover how our Amazon book publishing service will assist you in being the author you've always desired?



Amazon is the key to quick, dependable, and high-quality distribution of your ideas to the globe. With our Amazon Book Publishing Service, you can write and publish your book for a wide audience in a matter of hours.

Amazon Book Publishing, also known as eBooks and paperbacks, is distributed for free via Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon KDP publishing). We require a few pieces of information from you to implement a killer book marketing strategy in order to make your dreams a reality.

You Can Get a Strategy That’s Tailored to Your Needs

If you want to take advantage of our ingenious design and storytelling approach, you’ll need the assistance of our professionals at Prime Publishing House. The professionals we employ can help you increase sales while decreasing refund requests. We polish your company’s Amazon profile, so it seems competent, trustworthy, and inviting. Fill out the form below, and we’ll tell you how we can make your online store a thriving source of revenue.

Book Publishing Process- Get your Dreams Inked

Complying with the publication norms and criteria might be a challenge. It would be wonderful if someone could polish the text to perfection and make it publication-ready! No longer need to worry; welcome to a new publishing world (Amazon Publishing Labs) in which publishing is our natural tongue. Contact us immediately.

Prime Publishing House Services- Publishing Better

Publishing a book on Amazon is bumpy, especially if this is your first time on one. Writing a book is a significant investment of time, money, energy, and other resources. Nothing is more disheartening than seeing all your hard work go to waste due to a lack of publishing knowledge.

Why not kick back and relax while others handle your responsibilities? This is the purpose of our Amazon Book Publishing Service: to relieve you of some of your obligations and to assist you in bringing your book to the top of Amazon KDP with a visually appealing cover and theme layout.

Book Formatting

Our Amazon Book Publishing Service professionals will format your book by reviewing the font, page size, alignment, spacing, and page breaks to ensure that it conforms to Amazon's criteria for a professional-looking book.


We must never undervalue the importance of editing. Our Amazon Book Publishing firm has qualified editors who will evaluate the scene-by-scene structure of your composition.

It will guarantee that your characters, thoughts, feelings, and journey are presented to readers as effectively as possible.


Proofreading is the final step in the editing process. Our Amazon Book Publishing Service team will correct any remaining errors in the book's structure that resulted from the upload, rendering it perfect and audience-appealing.

Cover Design

Since we began providing this service in 2013, we have formatted hundreds of books at a low price for our customers.

We provide acceptable formatting, design, and review of your books in accordance with Amazon's rules and unlimited modifications to guarantee that Amazon accepts your book as quickly as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kindle Direct Publishing simplifies book publication. Only the basic information needed by the system is necessary. You must have a good book synopsis. The metadata associated with your book. Minimum of seven keywords linked to your book's subject, ten related categories, and details about your bank accounts.

Amazon provides you with a 60% revenue share on e-books and a 70% royalty rate on paperbacks for each sale of your book. Additionally, it allows you to choose your own pricing for your book.

The response is no. It is against Amazon's rules for an author to have two Kindle Direct Publishing accounts with the same name and banking details.

You may publish your book online on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. However, Amazon sells both paperback and hardback editions.

If you've published your book on Amazon, you may include a link on your website and social media profiles. Once you've included the book's connection to your website, you can use search engine optimization or advertisements to sell it; the same is true for social media platforms.

Amazon Pricing Wars

We are fully aware of how difficult it may be to choose the pricing strategy for a product to list on Amazon, given the increasing competition and sellers’ willingness to raise or lower prices to generate the most sales. Our professionals are the finest in the business, examining and analyzing the relevant markets so that you may give a price that is neither so low that clients will not trust the product’s quality nor so high that they will be deterred.