With Our Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Services, we drive profits for your store.

With more than 3 million active sellers, Amazon is becoming increasingly competitive, and it is becoming more difficult for individual brands to break through. Then, do you need a method to boost your company’s visibility and customer retention rates? In order to increase the likelihood that shoppers would purchase your products on Amazon, let’s take advantage of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content by collaborating with the Prime Publishing House.

Our Amazon Enhanced Brand Content will increase your brand’s connection with customers and revenue by utilizing unique content, accurate product descriptions, appealing photographs, and listing optimization. Let’s talk right now about boosting your Amazon profile.

Get better results with Amazon A+ Content Services

You need to investigate our Amazon A+ Content Services to boost your brand’s reputation and revenue. With Amazon A+ Content Services, our experts will list product descriptions for your branded ASINs, utilizing rich A+ pages, A+ modules, videos, and images to improve user experiences, increase traffic to listings, and boost sales.

By using our Amazon A+ Content Services, you can rest assured that your potential customer will have a positive brand experience and a thorough understanding of your product’s attributes.

Our Content Creation Services are Dedicated to Superiority

Prime Publishing House will be a key ally in expanding your business. To discover and develop effective and competitive strategies, we have assembled a team of slightly deranged Prime Publishing House experts who delve into the psychology of your clients. These are some of the Amazon EBC services we offer:

Brand Research

To help your brand establish its identity, voice, mission, goals, and ethos, our team of specialists conducts in-depth market research to determine the best target audience(s), product(s), price(s), positioning(s), and distribution channels for your product(s).

Image Optimization

Our creative graphic designers will ensure that your brand’s products on Amazon have high-quality photos that customers can’t resist clicking on and are also friendly to Amazon’s algorithms.

Content Creation

If you want people to choose you over the competition, you need our SEO content writers to produce product descriptions that solve problems and elevate your brand. Our content marketing approach does a better job of communicating your brand’s significance and history.


The term “tailored” refers to the fact that we create each of our designs from the ground up with you and your company’s identity in mind, tailoring each one to your specifications.


Your content, design, and layout will be submitted professionally by our team. All submissions are made by hand by our experts through Amazon’s Seller Central, following the platform’s strict rules and regulations.

We have helped Amazon sellers achieve extraordinary profits with our insights. .

"Candace Joy "

"Things with our listings had stalled out when we first started working with Prime Publishing House. Our sales and overall brand awareness exploded once we adopted his ideas and followed his recommendations. I do not doubt that this methodology is foolproof and adaptable to any industry. "

"Henderson Wilson"

"The few months I’ve worked with Prime Publishing House have yielded nothing but positive outcomes for my company. Strategic, well-considered judgments are taken after in-depth one-on-one consultations about all aspects of their work. Within that time frame, they have developed and implemented PPC ad and conversion rate optimization campaigns, created affiliate marketing strategies, and completely rewritten the product copy using SEO data as a guide."

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Prime Publishing House enjoys enhancing Amazon’s business for both established and up-and-coming brands.

Our Amazon SEO experts have assisted a wide variety of well-known and obscure brands in achieving their goals on the platform. Learn more about how we helped some of our clients reach their objectives by reading their success stories.

You Can Get a Strategy That’s Tailored to Your Needs

If you want to take advantage of our ingenious design and storytelling approach, you’ll need the assistance of our professionals at Prime Publishing House. The professionals we employ can help you increase sales while decreasing refund requests. We polish your company’s Amazon profile, so it seems competent, trustworthy, and inviting. Fill out the form below, and we’ll tell you how we can make your online store a thriving source of revenue.

In our process, we optimize both for humans and machines!

Our experience allows us to make your EBC express your brand’s story creatively, whether you sell high-end clothing and accessories or low-cost gardening necessities. Your company’s reputation will be greatly improved by following our straightforward process.


Our designers strive to create attractive, functional, and contextually-appropriate images. Your product’s image will get an A+ makeover so that more people will want to buy it.


To tell the world about your company, our experts will devise a plan to do just that. As a part of our service, Prime Publishing House analyzes your company’s rivals to find ways to outdo them in the market.


Professionally written image captions that include pertinent keywords are uploaded alongside your other content by our team. Those with visual impairments can benefit from Alt-Text in the form of a descriptive text alternative. Include keyword-rich product descriptions underneath each image to boost its search engine rankings on Google and other major search engines.


Customers needing a product don’t have time to read a novel-length description. Our experts will develop engaging and informative documents to help your target audience understand your company’s ethos and why they should choose your brand over competitors.


Our specialists draw attention to the unique qualities of your goods by writing engaging copy that makes potential customers curious about learning more. We highlight the ways in which your branded product may solve common issues by showcasing the knowledge and experience of our in-house specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brand-registered sellers who take advantage of Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) function are able to showcase their items’ salient features with photos, formatted text, and detailed descriptions.

EBC provides you with additional opportunities to attract the attention of potential customers and convince them to buy. EBC helps you win over clients despite their doubts by providing them with additional information and graphics. You may interact with buyers on Amazon by replying to their comments on individual product pages.

They are equivalent in concept. Previously, A+ material on Amazon was referred to as EBC. Due to the gradual merging of Seller and Vendor Central, A+ Content is now distributed under the same moniker on both platforms.

Within seven days, Amazon will decide whether or not to authorize the EBC. However, during off-peak times, most EBCs are accepted within that time frame. However, approvals may take more time around the holidays.

Amazon will either accept or disapprove of the EBC within seven days. During non-peak times, however, most EBCs are approved within 24 hours. But, during the festive season, approvals may take longer.

Amazon Pricing Wars

We are fully aware of how difficult it may be to choose the pricing strategy for a product to list on Amazon, given the increasing competition and sellers’ willingness to raise or lower prices to generate the most sales. Our professionals are the finest in the business, examining and analyzing the relevant markets so that you may give a price that is neither so low that clients will not trust the product’s quality nor so high that they will be deterred.