Prime Publishing House has a team of writers and editors with vast experience and expertise in various writing fields. Each tale deserves to be told!

We at Prime Publishing House offer expert services that will infuse your work with a professional tone. We are a globally-recognized ghostwriting business that strives to deliver superior guidance and clarifications for your ghostwriting requirements.

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Each story deserves to be expressed! Prime Publishing House provides you with professional services that will captivate your readership. We are a globally-recognized ghostwriting business that strives to provide superior support and explanations for your ghostwriting requirements.


Make it either fictitious or informative. Our experienced staff specializes in writing content-rich e-books according to your preferred writing style.


Our experienced book cover design team is equipped with the tools necessary to create captivating images and graphics for your book's cover. Instantaneously captivate your audience's interest.

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Article Ghostwriting

An article is all about being condensed yet detailed at the same time. It seems intricate, right? But it gets worry-free for you as our professional article writer team can write high-quality articles for you. In addition, our team guarantees the content is engaging and winning, which facilely draws in reader interest.

Prime Publishing House is the best place to get all such needs conducted. Moreover, we compose high-quality articles for you to assist the planned purposes.


Blogs & SEO Articles

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) articles and Blogs are an illustrious way to boost your website traffic. Using related & trending keywords, the writer help stand your articles higher in Google SERP. The convincing and winning content can draw in potential customers and help improve passing rates and sales.


Business Articles

Our expert writers are trained to produce the best content, be it detailed white papers, business journal articles, or other profession-related articles. Our writer strives to compose relevant articles by keeping in mind the reader's industry-specific needs and customer purpose.


You Can Get a Strategy That’s Tailored to Your Needs

If you want to take advantage of our ingenious design and storytelling approach, you’ll need the assistance of our professionals at Prime Publishing House. The professionals we employ can help you increase sales while decreasing refund requests. We polish your company’s Amazon profile, so it seems competent, trustworthy, and inviting. Fill out the form below, and we’ll tell you how we can make your online store a thriving source of revenue.

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Fiction Book Writing

Want to produce a fiction masterpiece? Do you have the narrative saved in your head? Face trouble setting your visual masterpiece in words? Our professional composing team is very productive and strongly desires to deliver your thoughts through words. We aim to enable you to become the next great thing in fantasy writing!

Fiction eBooks

Do you want to transmit your story to the world? We will write an e-Book for you, readily accessible to your online audiences.

Fiction Book Covers

Our digital creative design team develops exceptional visuals for your next fantasy masterpiece. Keep your readers entertained.

Author informational
Let your bibliophile benefit from your wisdom!

Self-Help Book Ghostwriting

Are you a renowned professional in your enterprise? Do you have ages of experience serving in the marketplace? Do you aspire to share your experiences with the world? How about composing a book?

Likely, your time-poor schedules may not enable you to write a book yourself! But you can author it, right? Our professional editorial team can write the anecdote for you as per your desire. Ghost, a self-help book, lets your readers, the novice in the industry, discover from your experience. Be their counselor or mentor!

Self-Help Audiobooks

Do you want to author books for people like you, working all the time, steadily on the go? Let us convert your text into an audiobook.

Self-Help eBooks

Being an author of a self-help e-book lets people like you over the globe learn from your struggles. Pen down detailed industry narratives and tell your readers how the pros have done it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kindle Direct Publishing simplifies book publication. Only the basic information needed by the system is necessary. You must have a good book synopsis. The metadata associated with your book. Minimum of seven keywords linked to your book's subject, ten related categories, and details about your bank accounts.

Amazon provides you with a 60% revenue share on e-books and a 70% royalty rate on paperbacks for each sale of your book. Additionally, it allows you to choose your own pricing for your book.

The response is no. It is against Amazon's rules for an author to have two Kindle Direct Publishing accounts with the same name and banking details.

You may publish your book online on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. However, Amazon sells both paperback and hardback editions.

If you've published your book on Amazon, you may include a link on your website and social media profiles. Once you've included the book's connection to your website, you can use search engine optimization or advertisements to sell it; the same is true for social media platforms.

Amazon Pricing Wars

We are fully aware of how difficult it may be to choose the pricing strategy for a product to list on Amazon, given the increasing competition and sellers’ willingness to raise or lower prices to generate the most sales. Our professionals are the finest in the business, examining and analyzing the relevant markets so that you may give a price that is neither so low that clients will not trust the product’s quality nor so high that they will be deterred.