Dominate the Amazon Search Results Ranks with Prime Publishing House Amazon Keyword Research Services!

If your product is outstanding and in high demand, if it isn’t marketed well on Amazon, it won’t sell. In light of this need, our firm’s Prime Publishing House professionals are well-versed in completing your product’s appropriate Amazon Keyword Research to increase its click-through rate. Combining this first-rate service and other advertising strategies, Prime Publishing House will do marvels to spread the word about your company and drive sales.

If your product is outstanding and in high demand but poorly advertised on Amazon, you will not make any money. Our Prime Publishing House experts are well-versed in completing the appropriate Amazon Keyword Research for your product to increase its click-through rate, satisfying this requirement. With Prime Publishing House’ first-rate service and other marketing strategies, you can increase sales by a huge margin.

Services for listing creation that attracts traffic to your website

A lot of attention to detail is needed when uploading products to Amazon. As soon as we discover that any of the details about your product are not convincing and sound, our listing creation services will point them out to you so that you can fix them before they hurt your sales on Amazon.

To help your product get more visibility on Amazon, we’ll make a unique listing while keeping your marketing strategy in mind.

Product Optimization

Prime Publishing House specialists will optimize your product to be more useful to existing customers and appeal to new potential ones to help your brand fly. Our experts will optimize your product listing throughout development, launch, and beyond to ensure that it remains competitive, relevant, up-to-date, and Amazon-friendly.

Product Keyword Research and Ranking

Our experts will perform comprehensive keyword research and rank optimizations for your products, putting them at the top of Amazon’s search results and improving your PPC results. We understand how to optimize your book’s ranking for the most popular search terms used by potential buyers on Amazon.

We have helped Amazon sellers achieve extraordinary profits with our insights.

We believe in creating highly ranked, cost-effective Amazon stores.

"Candace Joy"

" Things with our listings had stalled out when we first started working with Prime Publishing House. Our sales and overall brand awareness exploded once we adopted his ideas and followed his recommendations. I do not doubt that this methodology is foolproof and adaptable to any industry."

"Henderson Wilson"

"The few months I’ve worked with Prime Publishing House have yielded nothing but positive outcomes for my company. Strategic, well-considered judgments are taken after in-depth one-on-one consultations about all aspects of their work. Within that time frame, they have developed and implemented PPC ad and conversion rate optimization campaigns, created affiliate marketing strategies, and completely rewritten the product copy using SEO data as a guide."

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How Does Our Service Bucket Work?

You can rely on Prime Publishing House to provide the marketing you need for your online shop, thanks to the full-service package they provide.

Deep keywords

We will provide you with deep keywords for your products, ensuring that no keywords are overlooked, considering the target audience and amazon recommendations.

Monthly Searches

Our Prime Publishing House experts will provide help with monthly search results for each keyword chosen for your products.

A minor difference in spacing or spelling can cause a significant difference in monthly searches. Therefore our specialists ensure you get a full realistic grasp of the proper monthly search concept.

Reverse Keyword Strategy

Our Prime Publishing House professionals will employ a reverse Keyword strategy to help uncover high-volume head keywords in the title of your product to churn out the result that your competitors are ranking for.

LSI Keywords

Based on Amazon Auto’s suggested drop, which customers use to search for a specific product, our professional will provide LSI keywords linked to the deep primary keywords you are targeting to help add content context and boost your product listing.

Competitors' Rankings

Your competitors are always the ones that rank for the keywords you’re after. Our Experts assist you in understanding your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses and comparing them with your own by classifying and assessing them

100% Relevant Keywords

Our Seo professionals will select keywords that are 100% relevant to your products, as we strictly believe that merely stuffing content with high-volume keywords is useless.

You Can Get a Strategy That’s Tailored to Your Needs

If you want to take advantage of our ingenious design and storytelling approach, you’ll need the assistance of our professionals at Prime Publishing House. The professionals we employ can help you increase sales while decreasing refund requests. We polish your company’s Amazon profile, so it seems competent, trustworthy, and inviting. Fill out the form below, and we’ll tell you how we can make your online store a thriving source of revenue.

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WHY CHOOSE Prime Publishing House


Using our services, ensure our experts will change your time spent on Amazon. Your company may attract customers and increase sales using our innovative marketing strategies and clever keyword research hacks. To improve your website’s search engine rankings, we research, write original material, and tweak it for maximum effectiveness. We take care of your day-to-day tasks so that you can grow your business without dealing with the hassle and complexity of the Amazon platform.

Amazon Keyword Ranking

The Amazon keyword rank is based on the number of sales made through that keyword listing. In Amazon’s search engine, the most popular and effective keywords for products will appear first. Professionals in our SEO team are well-versed in Amazon’s keyword ranking. They will use this knowledge to help you choose the best keywords for your goods, increasing the likelihood of customers finding and selling your product.

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How We Cost Lesser Than a Regular Amazon Agency in 2022 Yet Help You Outcast Others
How We Cost Lesser Than a Regular Amazon Agency in 2022 Yet Help You Outcast Others
How We Cost Lesser Than a Regular Amazon Agency in 2022 Yet Help You Outcast Others

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Share your project details and get a budget-friendly quote right away!

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Optimizing and ranking thoroughly with our way!

To your brand, we will add a new adjective. We create your current Amazon advertising efforts, develop best practices, and zero in on reducing your total advertising expenditures. Our cutting-edge optimization procedure entails the following steps:

Campaign evaluation And Refinement Over Time

Our Professional team of digital marketers will then adjust your strategy and listing and ensure that your campaigns benefit from the most up-to-date keyword research and optimizations. Therefore, your store keeps attracting valuable traffic despite any change in Amazon’s Algorithm.

Education Customers about the advantages of your products

We strategies and optimize your product listings with keywords that bring your products into the spotlight, letting your store flare and market for itself.

Emphasis On the return on Investment.

Once optimized, your listing will still be under our continuous monitoring and auditing until you achieve your desired ROI.

Our goal is ultimately to help your brand achieve ever-growing brand awareness, sales, and ROI. Our keywords services will be that first step for you On Amazon. In doing so

Establishment of best Amazon Practices

Our Amazon Experts will create an Amazon listing plan tailored to your case that outshines the competitors with a powerful amalgamation of profitable keywords that reflect the quality of your brands and your products on the go.

Amazon Pricing Wars

We are fully aware of how difficult it may be to choose the pricing strategy for a product to list on Amazon, given the increasing competition and sellers’ willingness to raise or lower prices to generate the most sales. Our professionals are the finest in the business, examining and analyzing the relevant markets so that you may give a price that is neither so low that clients will not trust the product’s quality nor so high that they will be deterred.