The Key to Success in Amazon Businesses is Social Media Marketing!

Increased brand sales on Amazon using our tried and true methods and extensive expertise. Our advertising agency’s first-rate SMM services have been supporting consumer goods companies’ use of Amazon as a foundation for years, leading to increased Amazon sales. Our team of brilliant minds and seasoned Amazonians employs state-of-the-art tools in tandem with strategies developed in-house at Prime Publishing House to guarantee success. Our expertise as platform experts allows us to provide our customers with first-rate Amazon social media marketing, management, and consulting services, all of which contribute to their expansion.


To better serve your business and live up to its expectations, you should optimize your photographs. Our image optimizations can boost your online shop’s SEO in general and help your listings’ photos rise in Google’s image search results. There following are just a few examples of how our services can help increase your business’s revenue:

  • High-resolution images are best for Amazon’s zoom feature. We provide you an edge over the competition by taking professionally lit photographs, focusing on white-background images that fill up to 80% of the frame.
  • We will create a 360-degree virtual tour of your products, documenting every relevant detail for potential buyers. Having consumers feel like they have viewed the entire product, as opposed to its greatest aspects, is what seals the transaction. We offer Amazon image SEO to help you attract more customers by outlining your product’s features, integrating relevant visuals, and highlighting key selling points.
  • One rule applies to all product photography: lifestyle shots are the most profitable. We spell out how exactly your product improves the lives of your target demographic.


We offer a full suite of cutting-edge Amazon services to maximize our clients’ Amazon marketing returns. By developing a thorough strategy for launching your campaign and doing systematic analyses of the listings, we can guarantee the ongoing success of your marketing plan. Because of this, the goods will be much easier to find and sell. To succeed as a vendor on Amazon, you’ll need to have a clear grasp of the platform’s complexity, an excellent eye for detail, and a strong motivation to keep up with the algorithm’s continual modifications. Expertly and competently, we do it for you. Some of the ways we optimize product images for sale on Amazon are as follows:

Image Template Building

As part of our picture optimization service, we ensure that your photographs are of the highest quality while also adhering to any specific requirements your project may have for their format, template, dimensions, and resolutions.

As a result, your store’s page will load faster, allowing you to serve mobile customers better and keeping them from leaving in droves.

Image Alt Tags Optimization

The Alt tag also called an “Alt attribute” or “Alt description,” is to provide search engines with a textual equivalent to an image element.

Including Alt tags on images, such as those of products, can improve your eCommerce site’s position in search results. When selecting Alt text, we specialize in providing informative, keyword-rich content pertinent to the page’s subject matter. Using Alt attributes as a place to pack keywords is strongly discouraged because it can lead to a poor user experience and a spam report for your website.

Proper Image Resizing

Using images that could be clearer or have a lot of pixels will not help you sell your product. Finding the sweet spot between file size and image quality is essential for web images. More bytes indicate better quality.

High-resolution images are essential to provide potential customers with a positive first impression of your goods. We ensure that every one of these conditions for a stunning presentation is met. To further enhance the performance and aesthetics of your website, we are also experts at resizing images.

Lifestyle Images

We take lifestyle photographs that accurately portray your goods and services. When you work with us, we’ll offer your customers stunning images to help them picture themselves using and benefiting from your product. Our services help get your brand’s message out there, making customers feel like they know and trust you and your goods.

Services for creating and optimizing result-generating listings

To ensure your product appears as high as possible in relevant search results, we offer Amazon listing design and optimization services that use industry best practices. Your product’s position in the search results will grow or fall based on how thoroughly you construct your product listings’ front and back ends. Our expertise in Amazon optimization means that we can guarantee that your product’s ranking will always increase, regardless of whether the Amazon algorithm is updated or the level of competition is raised.

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How We Optimize Product Images

Listing of products with image SEO in mind

We know you want customers to be able to quickly recognize your products, and optimizing product images can help with that. Getting high-quality images of your products is a breeze thanks to our in-house images. Our virtual assistants will help you get those images listed on the web with all the relevant keywords already researched and chosen.


Regarding listing products, Amazon has its own set of guidelines. We make sure that your product listings, including any images associated with them, adhere to Amazon’s quality requirements and are thus more likely to be shown in Amazon’s search results.


Using high-quality images, we ensure that your product listings entice readers to click through. We also ensure that your listings have been carefully curated with all the relevant information, including photographs that stand out from the crowd compared to the competition’s offerings. The fact that we’re exclusive signifies that we provide a superior product.


Find high-value keywords that accurately characterize your product and your client’s needs; this is our primary focus. Our SEO specialists can find keywords with a high search volume and low levels of competition. Doing so can boost your company’s standing in the Amazon marketplace and protect you from being surpassed by more established competitors.

Our Creative Product Photography Services Will Entice Your Audience

Among the many benefits of the product, image is that it gives potential customers a better idea of what they’ll be getting. A gorgeous image conveys the idea that the product is of excellent quality, which can help to boost consumer confidence in the company. We offer professional product photography services to give your goods and listing an edge in the competitive marketplace. For listing your products online, we have the best tools, programs, and people power with an artistic eye to produce photographs that will sell.

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We have helped Amazon sellers achieve extraordinary profits with our insights.

We believe in creating highly ranked, cost-effective Amazon stores.

"Candace Joy"

"Things with our listings had stalled out when we first started working with Prime Publishing House. Our sales and overall brand awareness exploded once we adopted his ideas and followed his recommendations. I do not doubt that this methodology is foolproof and adaptable to any industry."

"Henderson Wilson"

"The few months I’ve worked with Prime Publishing House have yielded nothing but positive outcomes for my company. Strategic, well-considered judgments are taken after in-depth one-on-one consultations about all aspects of their work. Within that time frame, they have developed and implemented PPC ad and conversion rate optimization campaigns, created affiliate marketing strategies, and completely rewritten the product copy using SEO data as a guide."

WHY Prime Publishing House?

Regarding Amazon services, our focus on achieving tangible outcomes has earned us a global reputation. We have helped several Amazon businesses gain worldwide dominance in their niches and increased sales, exposure, and visibility through cutting-edge technologies and optimization strategies.

Amazon’s in-house marketing professionals at Prime Publishing House know all the trade tricks for snatching up a sizable chunk of the wholesale market. We have been selling on Amazon for so long that we have an intimate understanding of the company’s algorithms, the trends that drive the marketplace, and how to adapt while still connecting with customers through tried-and-true marketing and optimization methods. This is why so many startups and long-standing e-commerce enterprises have benefited from our services, which have proven to be unparalleled in their capacity to modernize Amazon stores and their marketing structures to increase market share, boost sales, and bring in mind-boggling profits.

Frequently Asked Questions

With over 300 million monthly active users and over 150 million Amazon Prime members, it’s clear that selling on Amazon is a great way to make a lot of money.

  • The sale price of $0.99 each (plus additional selling fees).
  • For experts, it’s only $39.99 a month (plus additional selling fees).

  • Start selling on Amazon by making a vendor account.
  • Make sure the product page is optimized.
  • Choose an Approach to Fulfillment.

In most cases, it wouldn’t be the case. There is no documentation required to become recognized by the government as a sole proprietorship once an entrepreneur begins making money (whether online or offline).

With the Amazon Individual plan and self-fulfillment, you can theoretically begin selling immediately. However, you will need financial resources to make purchases and cover costs associated with packaging and transporting your goods.

Amazon Pricing Wars

We are fully aware of how difficult it may be to choose the pricing strategy for a product to list on Amazon, given the increasing competition and sellers’ willingness to raise or lower prices to generate the most sales. Our professionals are the finest in the business, examining and analyzing the relevant markets so that you may give a price that is neither so low that clients will not trust the product’s quality nor so high that they will be deterred.